Tuesday, May 31, 2016

del Norte - Day 30 (1-June-2016): Tapia de Casariego to Ribadeo (12.0km)

We were looking forward to walking along the coast for one last day - and what a beautiful day it was!  The day was short (only 12km or about 7.5 miles) on nice paths away from traffic and mostly in view of the ocean and we passed in sight of three picturesque beaches - Playas Tapia, Santa Gadea and Penarrondo.  
Today also marks entry into Galica, the fourth and final autonomous region of Camino del Norte.  We crossed the river into Ribadeo and Galicia on a 600m long freeway bridge - fortunately the pedestrian walkway was safely separated from the traffic.

Ribadeo is an old and historic city with examples of "Indianos" buildings.  Indianos refers to Spaniards who made their fortunes in the new world and returned home (mid 1800's), building homes in a certain colorful style, often with palm trees in the yard. 

Long shadows in the morning on typical pathway for the day.

Cindy with signpost on the right.  Red & white stripes mean "GR E-9" and yellow arrow means Camino!

This is a lavadoria (aka old school "laundromat").  Water from stream would be diverted into middle and "washers" would stand on sides and pound clothes on sloping stone surface.  I think these may have been used into the 1950's.

Stone granary in the style of Galacia.  These have replaced the square wooden structures of Asturia and Cantabria.

Beach at Santa Gadea - what a lovely day!

Cindy enjoying coffee - see her view below!

Playa de Penarrondo

View of the mouth of the river - on opposite side from Ribadeo

We crossed 600m long bridge on not-too-scary walkway alongside freeway

Yellows building in center is Hostal Linares - our hotel for today.  Our room is on left side of building.  Nice double room with bath & breakfast included for 42 euros (~$46)

The square (Plaza Espana) in front of our Hostal and in the background the landmark building of Ribadeo

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