Thursday, June 2, 2016

del Norte - Day 32 (3-June-2016): Lourenza to Abadin (26.2km)

Our little hotel (Casa Gloria) was associated with a bakery and we had a shared kitchen.  The neat thing was that each room had a shelf in the frig and the baker gave us each a tray of pastries for breakfast.  

We headed out of town and encountered the first hill of the day - on a natural trail and very pretty but steep!  We climbed several kilometers and then descended into Mondonedo - one of Galicia's ancient capitals.  We had second breakfast at a bar on the square in front of the old cathedral.  Then, leaving town we began climbing in earnest.  The first several kilometers were very steep and then leveled out a bit into a gradual climb.  The final climb was again very steep and we had climbed for 11km (7 miles).  The weather was sunny but cool so somewhat of a help.  However, I did not carry enough water and there were no fountains for the climb nor until we reached our destination after 26km.  Not a huge deal today as it was cool but on a hot day it would have been a big mistake.  I could have asked for water at a farmhouse, I suppose.

We arrived at our village (Abadin) and enjoyed a glass of Sidra before finding a room at Pension Casa Goas.  Abadin, and nearby town of Gontan, are small but with enough facilities - bars, lodging, grocery store and restaurants to serve us well.

Cindy on the first hill of the day.  Not that there were that many - they were just long!

Our pathway (note camino symbol) took us underneath this old granary.

These are the local equivalent of Collard Greens - used in a typical soup

Village of Mondonedo - one of the ancient capitals of Kingdom of Galicia

Old cathedral in Mondonedo

Climbing is the mantra for today

Looking across the steep-walled valley

Climbing contines

We have now reached the "top" of the valley - after climbing for 11km (7miles).  After this it was an easy 6km into Abadin

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