Friday, January 29, 2016

Off to Costa Rica

We depart February 2nd for Costa Rica and will spend an entire month!   Pretty exciting for us since we've wanted to go there for quite some time. 

I've a new phone so will be testing it as a blogging platform. 

it is a Google Nexus 6P phone and I've enrolled in the new Google Fi Project.  This gives me economically phone service in the USA ($20/month plus $10/G of data -- with prorated refund of unused data).  Better yet, the phone can be taken to 120+ countries.  Roaming data costs the same as the USA (!!), wifi calls are free to the  USA and mobile calls range from a few cents to 20 cents per minute. 

Another great feature is that one can get free "data only" sims that will work in tablets and share the data plan. 

The downside, if one can call it that, is that I have to get rid of my newish iPhone 6 plus since Google Fi only works on the latest Android based Nexus phone models. 

We will keep you posted!