Saturday, June 11, 2016

Santiago - post Camino (11-12 June 2016)

We went to the square in front of the cathedral the next morning after our arrival and watched a group of horsemen enter (Cavaleiros da Paz), sing songs and carry out a ceremony.  Talking to them later, I learned that they are from Brazil and are the Cavaleiros da Paz.  

We picked up our pilgrim's "Compostela" (certificate of completion) then wandered around looking for familiar faces among the recently arrived pilgrims.

Lunch was at "Bar La Tita" where we had nice and inexpensive local food.  We wandered around the afternoon, rested a bit then had a nice dinner at "Gato Negro" bar.  Squid, Octopus, Mussels, Peppers and a pitcher of local wine.

On Sunday morning, we bought our bus tickets for Braga, Portugal then checked our bags at a locker and had a nice pasta lunch before rushing back to catch the bus with only a minute to spare.

Horsemen entering the square in the morning

A ceremony (note the knife!) and gaucho with accordian

Quite a sight.  We also encountered horseback riders while on Camino in Basque country

Dinner was at the Gatto Negro bar.  Local cheese, white wine in the pitcher and drunk from wide cups

Mussels in vinegar, oil and smoked paprika - almost "pickled".

Of course, we have pimentos de padrone whenever we find them on the menu

Octopus, Galician style

Squid cooked in ink

Gardens near the cathedral (above and below)

The next morning - Pasta lunch and bottle of wine before catching the bus to Braga, Portugal

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