Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Coruna, Galicia Spain (18-20 June-2016)

18 June: We travelled by train from Valenca, Portugal to A Coruna (La Coruna) in Galicia, Spain.  A Coruna is a mostly modern city on a peninsula with the train and bus stations situated 1.5 miles from where we stayed (Hostal Carbonara), near the old town. We had a nice lunch, checked in to the pensionne and explored.  Unfortunately, we had to retrace our way back to the bus station to purchase our tickets for when we depart.  Back to the older section of town and we wandered the busy streets - it was Saturday night and the Euro2016 soccer tournament was in action so things were pretty interesting.  We had so many bars around that it was tough to make a choice.  We had Fried calamaris and a salad of olives, tomatoes, roasted peppers, cheese and anchovies (lots of olive oil) plus a nice bottle of red wine. Afterwards, we wandered the streets and enjoyed people watching.

19-June:  We slept in then had cafe and churros con chocolate for breakfast.  Over to the beach and walked the oceanside promenade around the penn

insula and back into town - more than 5 miles.  Near the tip of the penninsula we visited the "Tower of Hercules", a nearly 2000 year old lighthouse first built by the Romans and still in operation today.  Of course, during the "dark ages" it fell into disrepair but was restored in the 17th century.  There are only two of the Roman lighthouses still in existence with the other in Dover, England.  We walked the winding staircase to the top and enjoyed the panoramic views.  Apparently Julius Caesar visited the place with a fleet of 100 ships.  Lunch was in the old town at Nova Ria, a typical Galician place.  We had pimientos de Padron and a platter of chipirones, perhaps the best of our trip - and we've had LOTS.  All was accompanied by 4 glasses of local red wine (two each) and the bill was less than $18.  Then, more wandering the old town and back to our room for a break.  We enjoyed a glass of wine along the marina and then back to a bar for racciones (like tapas but larger portions) and a bottle of wine.

20-June: Bus departed at 10am so we made the 2.5km walk back to the station right after breakfast and made the 4.5 hour bus ride to Oviedo.

The beach of A Coruna

The ~2000 year old Roman lighthouse

Panoramic views from the lighthouse

Panoramic views from the lighthouse

Panoramic views from the lighthouse

Really delicious chipirones at Nova Ria restaurante.  Seared on a grill and with a squeeze of lemon.

Look at all the hams hanging from the ceiling of this deli!  The little cups are to catch any fat that might drip off.  They are dry cured and do not need refrigeration. Too bad the USA will not allow us to bring one of these home!  

A "tango school" was dancing in the main square.

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