Monday, June 6, 2016

del Norte - Day 36 (7-June-2016): Miraz to Sobrodo dos Monxes (24.8km)

We left Miraz at 8am and in fog but comfortable for walking.  Typical pathway was one lane gravel or asphalt track with a bit along two lane roads.  We stopped after 10km for second breakfast at albergue of O Roxico then continued up, mostly uphill but not too steep.  Today was supposed to be the highest point on del Norte (~700m) but not really noticeable.  We sat on the stone of a bridge for our lunch then continued a few kilometers to another bar and another 6km where we finally reached Sodobro dos Monxes after walking 24.8km.  The primary point of Sodobro dos Monxes is a large monastery dating back to the 10th century, although most of the buildings date to 1700 or so.  We toured the monastery and found it to be somewhat eerie since little maintence seems to have been done for a long time and the building interior and exterior is green with mold and has plants growing on the walls in places.  It also is home to an albergue but we are staying across the square in an older hotel (Hotel San Marcus).  Enjoyed two liters of Sangria with our friends and then had dinner nearby. 

Morning fog and pathway

Cows herded down path towards us

Nice view of forest and path

Cloister of Monastery at Sobrodo

Interior of church - eerie and poorly maintained

Facade of Monastery at Sobrodo

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