Saturday, June 4, 2016

del Norte - Day 34 (5-June-2016): Vilalba to Baamonde (21.1km)

We left town on a foggy, humid morning.  Walking was comfortable and it was another "short" day of 21km walking.  We were mostly on country lanes and dirt famers tracks with very few intermediate villages.  We did find two bars en route so had second breakfast and a light lunch.  Arrived at Baamonde, where there's only an albergue (~90 beds) and a service station with a motel nearby on the highway.  We chose the albergue and were assigned lower bunks so that's nice - 6 euros per person.  After showering we took advantage of the washing machines and bought a bottle of white wine at the nearby cafe (3 euros for quite respectable wine!) to enjoy with friends while waiting for the laundry.  

The Parador Hotel is in an old castle's tower.  Photographed in the morning fog.

Stone house with slate roof.

Nice walking conditions

Stop for "second breakfast" with our friends from Melbourne (Marigod and Gabrielle).

Cindy and Marigold at Albergue

Our bunks are first two - bottom bunks and tops are empty so not too crowded

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