Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Llanes, Asturias Spain (21-22 June-2016)

21-June:  We took the 11:45am bus from Oviedo and arrived in Llanes at 1:20pm - just in time for lunch! But first, I "splurged" and got us a room at "3 star" Hotel Gran Paraiso - discounted rate was 48 euros per night and they gave us a suite rather than the small room so this is much nicer than our usual 40 euro room.  We dropped off our bags and went to Casa Canene for their menu del dia lunch.  We ordered smaller first course and I skipped dessert but it was still a lot of food.  Three course meal plus a bottle of wine for $12 each (tip included) will be hard to give up when we go back to USA this Sunday.  After lunch we explored the town, back to room for R&R then out for dinner at a Sidreria.  It was a nice place but we ordered the wrong food.  We could have ordered our "standbys" but decided to have some other items and they were not as good as we expected.  Ah well, after nearly two months eating in restaurants every meal it's bound to happen once or twice.  We did watch a bit of the Euro 2016 match of Spain vs. Slovakia but left before the end -- turns out that Slovakia scored a late goal and won in an upset.  Would have been interesting to be in a local bar when that happened. 

22-June:  After breakfast, we packed up and walked 3 miles or so along the coastal cliffs to the village of Poo and went to the local beach.  It was small but on a nice sunny day there were quite a few people.  We di d have on our bathing suits and waded in the surf but it was cold enough that we retreated to our spot in the shade and "people watched".  After walking back to our room we relaxed a bit then out again to have a glass of wine and work on our journals and blogs.  It's only 6:30pm now and dinner won't start until 8pm so we've a bit of time to kill!

Dinner tonight was nice and our last in "small town Spain".  We will miss these places!

Local church

Beautiful vines in bloom

The "town beach" of Llanes

Looking back at the beach and with Pico de Europa mountains in the background.

Coastal view from the cliffs

Harbor of Llanes in the evening

View of Lllanes with mountains in background

View from cliffs as we walk from Llanes to Poo

Beach at Poo - the tide is out and the surf is barely visible in the background.  The sand is clean and not muudy so the walk to the ocean is nice enough.

View from the cliffs - we will so miss these views!

View from the cliffs as we walk back towards Llanes

Dinner at Siete Puertes restaurants in Llanes.  First was pate with caramelized onions.

Top is warm seafood and wild mushroom salad.  Bottom is grilled clams and razor clams.

Top is grilled fish and bottom is duck breast.  

All of this plus dessert and bottle of wine for less than $30 (tip included)

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