Tuesday, June 7, 2016

del Norte - Day 37 (8-June-2016): Sobrodo dos Monxes to Arzua (22.7km)

It was a clear and cool morning and we left Sobrodo about 8:30am.  Walking conditions were nice and we had second breakfast after 9km and continued onwards.  Early walking was on gravel tracks and one lane paved roads changing to small roads for the rest of the day.  The cool weather changed mid-morning to pretty warm weather for the rest of the day and we were uncomfortable.  The end in Arzua signifies our completions of "del Norte" as we join the Camino Frances route there.  It was, as expected, quite a culture shock as the Frances has 10 times the pilgrim traffic as del Norte.  The first and biggest evidence of that was our difficulty in finding lodgings  Arzua seeming had lots of accomodations but we were unable to find a pension in the town.  One of the albergues did have beds but we had wanted the comfort of a private room. We finally found a small hotel just outside of town and are staying at Hotel Suiza.  We spent at least an hour making calls to tomorrow's ending place trying to locate lodgings and finally settled for a small albergue - all the pensions and hotels were fully booked.  Fortunately, we made reservations for Santiago several days ago!

The morning's pathways

Beautiful countryside

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