Friday, June 3, 2016

del Norte - Day 33 (4-June-2016): Abadin to Vilalba (20.5km)

Today was uneventful with a shortish (20.5km) walk and through level terrain.  Almost entirely on one lane farm roads or dirt and gravel tracks,  Weather was humid but cool and comfortable for walking.  We only had one opportunity to stop for cafe and snack and then continued into Vilalba.  It's not a particularly attractive city but will be the last city for several days.  We are staying at a nondescript largish hotel (Hotel Vila do Alba) and had we known there were lots of better options we would not have booked ahead.  However, since yesterday the lodgings filled quickly in the smaller village, we thought it best to take no chances.  We wandered around town, had lunch, encountered a few familar pilgrims and then relaxed in our room and made some phone calls.  Dinner was at a place we had noticed earlier in the day, Restaurante A Lareira, and quite a treat.  Pimientos de Padron, Ensalada Mxte and Chipirones a la Plancha - with a nice bottle of Albarino wine.

Pathway on one lane road

Typical trail for most of today - very green and aromatic

Milepost indicating 136.384km to Santiago!  

More verdant forest surrounding the way

Stone slabs set on edge and used as a fence - very common in this area of Galicia

Pimientos de Padron - deep fried sweet green peppers sprinkled with coarse salt

Nice mixed salad

Chipirones a la Plancha

Inside of restaurant:  A Lareira

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