Sunday, June 5, 2016

del Norte - Day 35 (6-June-2016): Baamonde to Miraz (16.3km)

Our albergue experience at Baamonde was quite satisfactory.  Dining in the village was not, although we did have an excellent 3 euro bottle of white wine yesterday while we were waiting for laundry.  We left town in a light mist but that stopped after 30 minutes or so..  We walked along the highway for 3km and then onto pathway through the forest and then fields, stopping at a nice little albergue for "second breakfast" of tarte and cafe.  Finally, we walked on one lane roads into Miraz.  Today was a fairly short day again, only 16.3km to Miraz where we decided to stay with friends (Marigold and Gabby) at a new place, Albergue O' Abrigo, that had been recommended to them.  We arrive shortly after noon and had a nice "menu del dia" lunch.  We've been assigned lower bunks so that's nice and we hope the albergue does not fill up. 

Romanesque church near Baamonde

Interesting building in state of collapse

Stone building and flowers near where we had second breakfast

Second breakfast at nice little albergure along the way

Home of local sculptor - very interesting

Sculpture on wall of his home

We saw several flocks of sheep and/or goats with shepherds, dogs, etc.

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