Monday, June 20, 2016

Oviedo, Asturias Spain (20-21 June-2016)

20-June:  We arrived by ALSA bus at 2:30PM, located our lodging (Hotel Vetusta) and had a menu del dia lunch at nearby Sidreria - Tierra Astur.  There is a "Street of Sidrerias" that's lined with similar places.  The lunch was pretty heavy so we strolled around the old town very slowly afterwards.  

Oviedo was capital of Asturias and in the 9th century the king made one of the earliest recorded "Camino de Santiago".  The Camino Primitivo is still in existence and begins in front of the cathedral.    Parts of the cathedral date to the 9th century, albeit hidden inside and underneath the "modern" visibile sections that may date to the 13th or 14th centuries.  

We explored the twisted streets of the old town and had wine in a courtyard before going back to the bus station to purchase tomorrow's tickets.  Dinner was at another Sidreria where we enjoyed two bottles of cider with dinner and had fun watching the waiters here and nearby using "the long pour" to serve sidra.  

21-June:  Our bus leaves at 11:45 so we had time to go back to the old town for a light breakfast and stroll around and around.  We visited the bronze statue of Woody Allen.  He was apparently fond of Ovieodo and filmed parts of Vicky Christina Barcelona here.

The cathedral of Oviedo - begining of Camino Primitivo.  Parts date to the ninth century with most of the visible portions finished between 13th and 15th centuries.

We are fascinated by the jamon!  Note the hanging hams plus the one portion in the backet, waiting for slices to be served.

Bronze placque near cathedral denoting the beginning of Camino Primitivo.  FYI - we could have left our coastal route and finished our camino via this - perhaps next time?

Woody Allen stature.  He was fond of Oviedo and filmed parts of "Vicky Christina Baarcelona" here

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