Monday, May 23, 2016

del Norte - Day 22 (24-May-2016): "Camping Deva" to Gijon (8.5km)

We had instant coffee and cookies in our bungalow at "Camping Deva" and headed off on our short hike to Gijon.  It was 8.5km to the area around our hotel (Hostel Gijon Centro) in the old section of the city.  ON the way we stopped for "second breakfast" of cafe and churros con chocolate - hard to believe we've been in Spain for three weeks and just now had this treat.  We toured the nearby ruins of the old Roman baths.  It still amazes us that the Romans were everywhere!  

After checking in we had lunch at La Escalerona, a nice little Sidreria.  We knew cider was popular in Spain and more-so in the Basque region but had not realized just how popular it would be all along the north coast and in particular Asturias!

Street walking into Gijon

Second breakfast - cafe and churros con chocolat - dipping the churros in melted chocolate

Beach of Gijon

We had a pleasant lunch and bottle of sidra here in Gijon.

First course - sliced jamon and sausages or shrimp soup with rice.
Evening along beach in Gijon 

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