Monday, May 30, 2016

del Norte - Day 29 (31-May-2016): Navia to Tapia de Casariego (23.3km)

Another leisurely start and left town around 8:30am.  The day's hike was level and mostly away from any busy roads.  Usual walking was on single lane paved roads with some farm tracks and trails.  We did not stop at the first bar as it was on a busy highway and not particularly interesting.  Thus, our first stop was after 10km in La Caridad where we had coffee and either tortilla or sandwich - a nice light lunch.

After lunch we walked 5km or so and then left the usual camino pathway to walk towards the coast.  We stayed on a one lane road within a kilometer or so from the coast and could see the ocean as we walked - after a total walk of 23.3km arriving at a small town (Tapia de Casariego) on the tip of a little penninsula.  This a fairly small traditional fishing and trading port.  There's a marina and a nearby beach where people were swimming and sunbathing.  Although we've bought swimsuits with us we've not have the energy or opportunity to use them.  We're staying at Hotel la Ruta, a simple hotel but quite adequate. 

Tomorrow we will continue along the coastline where we will rejoin the camino route at Ribadeo. 

View looking back at Navia - from opposite side of the river as we left town in the morning.

We did walk on a few trails today

Stone wall with roses and stone house in background

Another view of the same house. 

Stone walls on either side and trees arching overhead - pretty nice to walk here.

Fairly typical "trail" for the morning

Farms with ocean in background - beautiful!

The view from yard of the local Albergue - we did not stay here tonight but what a view!

Beach of Tapia de Casariego

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  1. Everything thing looks so beautiful, and quiet. Great food. Wonderful walking.... Jeanne