Wednesday, May 18, 2016

del Norte - Day 17 (19-May-2016): Pendueles to Celorio (21.3km)

Had breakfast in our Albergue's bar and left around 8am.  We chose to walk a coastal trail (marked as "E-9") rather than along the highway.  It was spectacular, although a bit slower than the road.  We had second breakfast at Andrin and continued.  Eventually we climbed to a ridge and walked parallel to the coast with great views, and finally descended into Llanes where we had lunch.  The city is very nice and perhaps we can return after we finish our camino.  Lunch was  fried squid rings, mixed salad and we shared a bottle of local craft sidra (cider).  Initially, I had ordered two glasses of cider and the waitress suggested I get a bottle.  I was curious if this was a "marketing ploy" for obvious tourists (actually not very common in Spain so far as our experiences) and was pleased the whole bottle cost less than $3.  Picture below is me attempting to pour the sidra in the proper style.  After lunch we reluctantly departed and walked the coastal route another 6km ending in Celorio where we found a private room (shared bath) in Albergue Las Palmeras.  After cleaning up we bought a few grocieries and enjoyed a light dinner of tapas and wine.  The nice restaurante that was recommended doesn't open until 8:30pm.  Although this is fairly typical (last night's first choice didn't open until 9pm!) we just didn't want to stay up that late. 

Typical path for today

Nice little beach

Walking on ridge overlooking Llanes and the ocean

Looking down on Llanes.

Interesting old building in Llanes

Me trying to pour sidra (cider) in proper fashion.  Bottle of local sidra with lunch was less than $3!

More beautiful surf, with waves crashing against the rocks.

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