Sunday, May 15, 2016

del Norte - Day 14 (16-May-2016): Santillana del Mar to Comillas (23.6km)

We had a leisurely start and enjoyed a nice breakfast (cafe and croissants) at the same place we had dinner last night.  The weather was excellent for walking and the way was pleasant.  For the most part on country lanes and a few not very busy roads.  Villages were every 3-5km and we had hoped to stop for "second breakfast" after 6km but the village's bar was not open so we continued on and had lunch after 12km.  After lunch we enjoyed a walk with ocean views from cliff tops then back into the countryside until we reached Comillas.  This is another oceanside city that was popular with Spanish in the late 1800's.  Gaudi designed a "home" (Capricho de Gaudi) for one of the local rich folks that was completed in 1885 and one of his few works outside of Catalonia.  We are staying at Pension Lumaelte, near center of town.  

View as we left our Pension in Santillana del Mar.

A village along our way

Typical lane.  We also walked along fairly quiet two lane roads.

Old, abandoned casa along the route.

We are beginning to see signs where the distance to Santiago is shown.  We've walked 300km now and have "only" 500km to go.

We stopped for a light lunch in this village.  A very interestingly colored church.

Back walking along the ocean.  We descended from the previous village to the beach below and then climbed back to the clifftops.

The view of Comillas as we neared the end of our day.

Capricho de Gaudi, a "house" designed by Gaudi here in Comillas and completed 1885, one of his earliest and one of only a few outside of Catalonia.  We have seen three of his works on our several caminos.  In 2014 we visited Barcelona and saw some of his most spectacular projects there.

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