Tuesday, May 3, 2016

del Norte - Day 2 (4-May-2016): Zarautz to Deba (23.5km)

We were pretty sore this morning but got warm and hit the road around 7:30.  Breakfast near our Pension and walked along the road and seashore for several miles before second breakfast at Getaria.  Left seashore and walked through vineyards and hillside farms and had early lunch in Zumaia.  We decided, basd upon recommendations, to follow alternative route GR121 rather than camino.  This took us along cliffs with ocean views and eventually got pretty rugged with lots more downs and ups than we had expected.  However the scenery was so spectacular that it was worth the effort (and additional sore muscles!).  Arrived in Deba after 9.5 hours so it was a long day.  Our Pension Zumardi is quite nice.  Wandered the town - the church dates to 15th century - and enjoyed watching families visiting in the town square while their children played nearby.  Dinner was very nice (Calbeton restaurant).  

View of the Atlantic as we walked along the road from Zarautz to Getaria.  Below is a "second breakfast" that we hope to have each day.  Probably not gonna happen as often along del Norte route.

First hill of the day.  

Typical view of the ocean.  We descended and walked closer to the cliffs for much of the afternon.

Farms with hillsides overlooking the ocean.

Below:  Lunch was Basque cider, tortilla espana, pintxos of bread topped with jamon, caramelized onions, and roasted goat cheese.

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  1. It is so GREEN looks great. Envious! Food looks good too. You'd think it was Ireland. Jeanne