Thursday, May 12, 2016

del Norte - Day 11 (13-May-2016): Noja to Guemes (14.9km)

Started off from our B&B in Noja and it began raining, at first drizzle or mist and then more steady for the rest of today's walk.  Fortunately, we had only planned on a 15km day to Guemes but it still was more difficult than we wanted.  Today we decided to stay at an Albergue rather than our usual Pension.  The Albergue at Guemes (Albergue La Cabana del Abuelo Peuto) was highly recommended by many others as, "the nicest albergue on del Norte" and it certainly seems to meet this high standard.  We're in a room for 4 people, so far the only two persons and with nobody else in the room just yet.  The room even has a private  bath and that's a luxury for the typical albergue.  Lunch was served at 1:30 and shared by the group currently here - it was bread, wine, soup, lentils and pasta. In attendance, we have people from USA (so far we have seen no other pilgrims from USA), Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Wales and England.  The albergue has bee serving 40-59 pilgrims per night lately although less than half of that were here for lunch.

The rain stopped shortly after we arrived and by the time lunch was over we had some blue sky, sunshine and scattered clouds.  This let us dry most of our gear.  

Dinner was another communal meal and there are about 40 pilgrims here today.  Before dinner they talked about the history of the Albergues.  If was founded by a priest who was born here and the original house was built by his grandparents.  He is still living and travelled and lived in many places around the world.  The Land Rover pictured below was his and has 700,000 miles on it!

Most walking was on country lanes.

Rain began to increase - the country side is very lush and green.

A well dressed pilgrim.  :)

View from our Albergue - after the rain had stopped.

Albergue de Guemes (Albergue La Cabana del Abuelo Peuto)

Pilgrims enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

This Land Rover belongs to the priest who founded the Albergue and has been driven for 700,00 miles!

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