Monday, May 16, 2016

del Norte - Day 15 (17-May-2016): Comillas to Serdio (21.1km)

We had our usual breakfast and departed Comillas.  The city is full of historice old palaces and assorted other buildings and it have been nice to explore a bit more.  Nowadays, it's a popular seaside spot for summer vacations.  the busy season is mid-July through August and is still quiet in May.  We had a nice walk on a pathway along the road and then followed that along cliffs above the ocean, stopping for second breakfast near a beach.  Then, more seaside walking, rolling hills and descending to walk on the beach for several kilometers before crossing a river and entering San Vincente de la Barquera where we had a nice lunch, sharing an order of chipirones a la plancha.  We left the sea and ascended into rolling hills for another 10km and today's destination of Serdio.  The distance of 21km is good for us, long enough to cover distances but still lets us finish around 3pm and have plenty of time to enjoy the late afternoon.  We are staying in Hosteria El Corralucu which seems like a large farm house with rooms upstairs.  The room is very nice and includes breakfast in the morning.  We opted to have dinner as well and wonder how many other pilgrims may be staying there. 
Comillas is full of historic old palaces and assorted buildings from its heydays. 

NIce walking pathway for the first few kilometers

Pathway along highway above the shore

Mid-day destination of San Vincente de a Barquera

We walked along the beach for several kilometers before our lunch stop.

Lunch in San Vincente de la Barquera.  Chipirones a la Plancha - I really must learn how to make this!

Near the end of the day walking on back roads

Nice little bar (typical sort of place) in our destination - we relaxed here with "vino tinto" after showering at our Hosteria and before dinner.

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