Tuesday, May 24, 2016

del Norte - Day 23 (25-May-2016): Gijon to Aviles (19.7km)

We were "bad pilgrims" in the morning and took a bus for 6km.  One of our guide books had advised that the first section was through really ugly industrial area and that we might want to take bus #24 to the edge of the city.  That was a wise decision and we started walking just outside a rather bleak area.  we climbed over a ridge and then descended into a valley of small villages and farms.  Unfortunately, that soon changed back into another industrial area (probably steel mills) plus it started to rain!  We walked along a busy highway for some time then were able to move parallel to the road and walk on a hiker/biker trail near a small river.  We followed that until we entered the city of Aviles and walked into the old part of the city.  There, we had an inexpensive "light snack" consisting of a bottle of sidra plus fried squid rings and fres (all for $8.  Then we located a nice place to stay.  Hotel San Pedro is "expensive" based upon other places we've stayed on our camino but still only around $60 per night and includes breakfast.  More typical pensions or small hotels usually cost between $40 and $50 per night.

Aviles is an interesting city once you get past the industrial suburb and has an older section with city squares, bars, shops and restaurants.

Dinner was at one of the oldest restaurants in Aviles, a Sidreria, Casa Lin.  

View looking back to industrial zone outside of Gijon

The path went through fields and villages for a few hours before re-entering factories, etc.

Very colorful granary with corn hanging in bundles

Traditiional public "laundromat" - usually a stream was directed through these troughs and they were used to clean clothes.

Dreary afternoon walking in a light drizzle and along a busy highway through industrial area (seemed to be steel mills).

Can you see the yellow arrow that shows us that we are still on the "Way"?  Fortunately we were able to get away from the busy highway that we followed most of the afternoon and walk on this hiker/biker trail along a small river.

Walking all day re-defines what one considers a "light snack" - bottle of sidra and squid rings with fries - on special at 7 euros ($8) 

Our room at Hotel Don Pedro - a really nice place and we think it's expensive at 55 euro (~$60) per night!  

First course was anchovies on top of tomato slices with warm roasted peppers and everything drenched with olive oil.  Second course, not pictured, was grilled shrimp.

Third course was Chipirones a la Plancha (grilled small squid).
All was accompanied by a bottle of Sidra.

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