Sunday, May 22, 2016

del Norte - Day 21 (23-May-2016): Villaviciosa to "Camping Deva" (20.2km)

We had breakfast in a hostal nearby our hotel and hit the trail.  It's a nice day for walking and no rain predicted.  First stretch mostly on single lane road with little traffic.  We came to a Camino marker denoting the split of this route - with Camino del Norte continuing along the coast and the other fork going inland to Oviedo and continuing on from there as "Camino Primitivo".  Primitivo meaning original rather than primitive.  We encountered our first big climb of the day (400m) but it was not as bad as we expected.  There was only a bit of rocky and muddy road but mostly good.  Then we descended into a valley near Peon, had a nice picnic lunch of olives, cheese, and crackers and climbed over another ridge (300m) on similar paths and descended again towards Gijon.  It would have been a rather long and hard day of nearly 30km so we opted to book a bungalow at a campground, "Camping Deva", that's about 8km from Gijon.  Tomorrow will most probably be a short day and simply to Gijon.  That's because the next stretch of Gijon to Aviles is 25km and there's no in-between stops so must be taken as one day of hiking from Gijon.

Our bungalow is cozy and there's a frig and stove.  We did laundry at the laundromat and are now sitting on our porch enjoying a nice glass of Rueda Verdejo white wine.

Horse near this mornings pathway on country lane

This marker is a BIG milestone - the trail splits here with us continuing on towards Gijon on Camino del Norte and the other route goes to Oviedo and Camino Primitivo.

Walking next to apple orchards in blossom

Uphill on the first climb of the day.  We will pass over two significant ridges with climbs of around 1200 and 1000' each.

The second and last big uphill of the day.

Looking back towards the range of hills that we crossed this morning.  Our "campground" is another 7km or so.

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