Friday, May 13, 2016

del Norte - Day 12 (14-May-2016): Guemes to Santa Cruz de Bezana (25.6km)

We had a communal breakfast at 7am and then started walking.  The first 5km were along a country road and the next 10km were along the ocean.  The last of that was walking on the beach to Somo where we caught a passenger ferry across the bay ~5km to Santander, the capital city of Cantabria.  We left Santander walking along streets and roads and after ~8km reached Santa Cruz de Bezano where we are staying at Hotel Camargo.  We are still getting into the rhythm (or mostly not!) of dining in Spain.  We had hoped to have dinner at 6:30 but the nearby bars are just serving drinks and the restaurants are either closed for at least another hour or just serving drinks as well.  A "restaurant" may not open until after 8pm or even later.  We have encountered several that open at 8:15pm - a strange time but perhaps staff start work at 8?  Anyway, we are enjoying a nice glass of red wine and some olives and hoping to find an open restaurant before our bedtime!

The first village on our route - Galizano with ocean in background

From here we will have a nice long stretch along cliffs and ocean

Fields on our left and ocean on our right!

Looking back in the direction we started

Santander in the distance and across the bay.

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