Monday, May 9, 2016

del Norte - Day 8 (10-May-2016): Portugalete to Castro Urdailes (28.1km)

del Norte - Day 8 (10-May-2016):  Portugalete to Castro Urdailes (28.1km)

We left Portugalete after a quick breakfast of instant coffee and rolls in our Pension.  Headed out of town and very shortly were on a converted rail grade - with lanes dedicated for bicyclists as well as walkers.  There were lots of bicyclists on expensive bikes and most were guys our age.  After 11km on the trail we reached La Arena on a nice beach and had second breakfast. It was so nice to be on the coast again and we  walked for another hour or so on a pathway above the ocean.  The next stretch was along a narrow two lane road - some traffic but not too bad.  We passed through a village with a bar and enjoyed a mid-afternoon "cerveza con limon" (beer and limonade - a shandy).  We may have missed a turn onto quieter pathways so contiuned along the road but traffic was a bit heavier so not so pleasant.  On the outskirts of our destination of Castro Urdailes we left the busier road and walked on streets to reach the beach-side esplanade and entered the city.  We have not been reserving rooms lately and have had no problems finding places.  Today we are staying at a nice palce, Pension Chili, about 4 blocks from the marina.  

After a nice stroll around the old town, around the marina and circling the old church, we had a glass of wine and enjoyed watching the children at play in front of "city hall" next to the marina.  Dinner was at Sidreria Marcelo and we had an "interesting" waiter.  We think he spoke Basque to us throughout dinner although we obviously didn't understand a word.  A nice guy, once we got comfortable and a very nice dinner.

The first 11km of our walk was along this converted rail grade.  Lots of bicyclists - most of them older guys.

"Second breakfast was at La Arena - our first time along a beach in several days.

A look back at La Arena

Much of our mid-day was on a pathway above the ocean.

Walking along the beach to our destination:  Castro Urdailes

Marina at Castro Urdailes.  Enjoyed a nice glass of wine with this view!

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