Monday, May 2, 2016

2016-May-1-2 Pre-Camino

1-May (Sun):  Bus from Oxford to Stansted and caught 2:05pm flight to Biarritz arriving 5:05pm and then 6:35pm bus to San Sebastian.  Staying in Pension San Jeronimo in old town and after settling in we rushed out to tour nearby tapas bars.  Visited 4 bars and had a drink apiece in each plus 3 tapas, sending 7-10 euros in each.  What fun!  La Meijillonera specialized in mussels and the others had usual variety.  Bar Baztan, Aralar (where we had Basque cider), Bar Tamboril (where we competed with old ladies for access to the bar and white wine was excellent) were the others.

2-May (Mon):  Cindy’s birthday.  Weather was clear and brisk.  Breakfast at nearby Santa Lucia, coffee and choco croissants for 5 euro total.  Walked old town and then second breakfast at Bar Gorriti near the market - coffee and little omelette sandwiches.  Then walked up to top of “mountain” to enjoy the views.  Back down and to excellent Bar Alberto for a nice menu del dia lunch - 15 euros each for three courses and included a bottle of white wine.  R&R in the room and then another tapas bar hunt.  We went to most of the ones from last night plus one or two new ones that weren’t quite as nice.  

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