Friday, May 27, 2016

del Norte - Day 26 (28-May-2016): Soto de Luina to Cadavedo (25.0km)

We had a weather forecast of no rain until later in the day but woke up with the sound of rain on our rooftop.  It eased up by the time we left.  We walked a short bit, had breakfast and then resumed walking along the highway.  Were advised to stay on the highway rather than leaving that to walk "on the mountain" due to some muddy paths.  Second breakfast was in a village after ~6km and continued on.  We met up with two women (Gabbie and Marigold) from Melbourne who we met yesterday and walked with them for the rest of the day. It rained enough to warrant donning our raingear and we continued on to a village with a bar and had lunch.  Onwards into a light drizzle that stopped eventually and after 25km reached our destination of Cadavedo where we checked into Apartmentos Casa Carin.  Earlier in the day we walked past a man in a parked car, the apartment manager, who gave us the information and accepted our reservation.  This is a small apartment complex, our unit has two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, etc.  We might end up sharing with another couple but think that's not gonna happen.  All of this for 30 euros (~$33) and breakfast included.  The manager gave us soap for the washing machine so we did laundry and he sold us a bottle of red wine for 2.5 euros.  All is well as we finish the wine plus cheese, crackers and olives and watch our laundry dry outside.  There's even an ocean view - or at least a glimpse of the ocean on the horizon.  Unfortunately we need to walk half-mile for dinner and restaurant doesn't open until 8pm.  Ah, well!

Just so you know that it's not all "ocean views" - we spent quite of bit of time today walking along this road.  Fortunately, there was not too much traffic.

A bit of walking on rocky or muddy trails.

Relaxing with wine in front of our "apartmento" - we have bed, bath, breakfast for $35 - might have another couple in the unit's second bedroom but probably not.  Oh, the bottle of wine cost $3.

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