Saturday, May 21, 2016

del Norte - Day 20 (22-May-2016): Colunga to Villaviciosa (18.6km)

We got a late start from Colunga, hitting the trail after 8:30 but it will be a fairly short day, less than 20km to Villaviciosa.  However, there were no bars or other facilities so that made things a bit tedious.  We bought pastries in Colunga and founds a pleasant spot with a table so enjoyed a mid-morning treat.  Last night and yesterday we had significant rainfall so there was mud in spots.  Fortunately we had no rain on the trail even though a few sprinkles caused us to put on our parkas.  We passed through Sobrayo after 12km, where some pilgrims spent last night but there is only an Albergue and no kitchen or restaurants so that didn't sound good to us.  

On ouskirts of Villaviciosa we saw lots of apple orchards.  This area is a major apple growing region and thus sidra making as well.  Supposed to be home to a dozen cider distilleries.  

We settled in to our hotel - "Casa Espana" in the center of town.  Normally, we would not have bothered to book ahead but considering the rain and how difficult tomorrow will be we used yesterday to book a room.

Cindy found a nice restaurant, Trebede, and lunch was excellent.  A nice salad with jamon and roasted goat cheese and mango dressing, Fabada Asturias (typical bean stew) and of couse a few glasses of Rioja Crianza.  Then back to room to enjoy a soak in the tub!

We had a nice dinner:  Manchego cheese ande walnuts, mussels with spicy tomato sauce, roasted vegetables and a bottle of Rueda Verdejo wine.

Church in Colunga near our hotel

Uphill for one of several climbs today - nothing like what we will have tomorrow but hills nevertheless

No bars or other facities on today's trek.  We did find a nice table to enjoy pastries we purchased in Colunga

Enough of rain (just a sprinkle) but we donned our raingear.  

Getting closer to our destination - fields, and a glimpse of the ocean.

We had significant rain yesterday and last night - now encountered some muddy stretches on the road.

On ouskirts of Villaviciosa:  Apple orchards with cider making facility in background.  This area is a major apple growing region and thus sidra making as well.  Supposed to be home to a dozen cider distillaries.

Manchego and walnuts

Mussels and spicy tomato sauce

Roasted vegetables.  All accmpanied by a bottle of  Rueda Verdejo white wine

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