Wednesday, May 4, 2016

del Norte - Day 3 (5-May-2016): Deba to Markina (25.3km)

Day 3:  Deba to Markina

Started 8am and not as stiff as we had expected.  However today was another challenge.  Walked uphill for several miles and had second breakfast then continued on.  It was perhaps 11 miles with no place to stop not even a place to fill water bottles.  We had a nice picnic of cheese, crackers and olives along the trail.  There was quite a climb and things more-or-less levelled off.  The day was longer and slower than expected and the descent into Markina was quite steep in places.  Total for the day was nearly 16 miles and all the pilgrims were commenting on what a struggle thay had.  We stayed at Albergue Pitis and have a nice double room with shared bath.  Did a bit of laundry after showering then had a cider in the public square - glass of cider cost one euro!  Again we were amazed at all the families with childeren enjoying the public square near the church!  Nice dinner (10 euros) at our Albergue. 

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