Thursday, May 5, 2016

del Norte - Day 4 (6-May-2016): Markina to Guernica (26.1km):

We had yoghurt, pastry and instant coffee in the kitchenette of our albergue and then hit the road at 8am. There's a large quarry on the outskirts of Markina.  Apparently there are lots of quarries in this section of Basque country and it's been an important industry for centuries.  "Basque stone lifting" is a significant sport and involves lifting various heavy and differently shaped stones.

We wanted to stop for typical "second breakfast" but the bar was closed so settled for trail mix and a chocolate bar.  After 12km we stopped for lunch in Munitibar.  Seems like the bars only have tapas and not much more so we had more than one.  Then on through pretty countryside and forests with the day being a bit longer than expected.  The total for today was 26.1km or ~16.5 miles.  

We are staying at Hotel Bolina in Guernicak (Basque spelling is Gernika).  This is a historic city that was destroyed by the German and Italian air forces at the request of Franco during the Spanish civil war in 1937.   And the reason for Picasso's famous mural, La Guerrnica.  

Cindy found a Pintxos (tapas) bar tour coupon so we are doing another tapas bar tour for dinner.  Life is tough, right?

Lush vegatation along stream that we crossed

Typical morning walking along "road"

Route heads up into forests

Passing through fields and farms

Below find our Tapas bar crawl pix.

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