Wednesday, May 25, 2016

del Norte - Day 24 (26-May-2016): Aviles to Muros de Nalon (24.7km)

We left Aviles at 8am and the first portion was a long trek through the suburbs.  Finally we left town and began a nice walk through the countryside.  Fortunately we did find a bar for "second breakfast".  The day was relatively quiet and without interesting villages.  We left the valley and walked on gravel and dirt tracks through forest.  Descending into the river valley and past an old castle built over Roman ruins.  the last 5 or 6km was as difficult as usual.  We settled in to our Albergue Casa Carmina in Muros del Nalon.  Compared to our previous caminos where we spent 70-90 percent in Albergues we've now spent only two nights in Albergues and this is the first night in bunkbeds in a  room with a dozen bunks.  

After our showers and laundry we bought a bottle of wine and enjoyed that while visiting with other pilgrims.

Looking back along the coast towards Aviles

Village travel in morning

We left Avilles and began walking on gravel tracks

Even though we are on a quiet gravel track, the freeway and overpass is not so far away

The date on this chapel is 1130 - not sure what that means.

Drudging back uphills again!

Old castle, built upon the ruins of a Roman fort

One last uphill!

Nearing the end of our day's journey and still smiling!

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