Tuesday, May 17, 2016

del Norte - Day 16 (18-May-2016): Serdio to Pendueles (20.5km)

Left our hosteria after breakfast and had a nice day's walk with mild temperatures and excellent trails.  Second breakfast was at Unquera where we left Cantabria and entered Asturia and then stopped for coffee at La Franca.  A bit further on we rejoined the coast for the last 4 miles or so and chose to walk on the clifftops rather than follow the highway.  Ended our day after 20.5km in Pendueles and got a nice private room with shared bat at Albergue (bar) Castiellu in Pendueles.  After a shower, we had pizza and wine in the bar and visited with other pilgrims.

Nice pathway in the morning.

"Second breakfast" - cafe Americano, cafe con leche, pastry with custard, ham and cheese empanada.

One of several similar villages tht we passed.

Always nice to see the shell and arrow!

More nice trails

We were passed by a group of horse-riders who were also on their Camino de Santiago

Back on the coastline for the last 4 miles or so.

Along the coast, near Pendueles, we walked across a "bridge" of stone and looked down into this cavern where the waves were crashing.

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