Monday, May 2, 2016

del Norte - Day 1 (3-May-2016): San Sebastian to Zarautz (24km)

Left our Pension around 7:30, had coffee and croissants and hit the "way" arund 8am.  At first, followed the street along San Sebastian's beach and left that to head up small roads and paths until we had climbed quite a bit then along with clear views of the ocean.  Really beautiful and great weather for walking.  Probably climbed to 1000' or so then descended into Orio after 16km or so.  Had lunch there along the river and then headed up over a smaller climb and descended into Zarautz.  All in all we did pretty good for a fairly long "first day" on the path.  Now relaxing with a glass of wine and enjoying the ocean view.

We are staying at Ekia Pentsioa and we have a nice room with private bath.  Dinner was a tour of several bars and Tapas.

In fron of Pension Jeronimo as we set off on "Day 1"
View back to old part of San Sebastian
We keep our eyes open for the "yellow arrows" indication we are on the right path.

Yikes!! We still have 500 miles to go!
Walking on farm road with ocean in view.  Below is Zarautz, today's destination. Still 2 miles left.

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