Thursday, May 19, 2016

del Norte - Day 18 (20-May-2016): Celorio to Ribadesella (26.3km)

Our albergue in Celorio did not offer any meals and there were no bars in town so we had bananas, an orange and yoghurt for breakfast.  We had to walk 7km before we reached a village with an open bar so were very appreciative of our cafe there.  Unfortunately, there was no food but we managed.  Lunch was in a nice village, Villahormes, but we could only get two of the "pinchos" sandwiches apiece.  The days walk was very nice with frequent ocean views in the morning and farmlands afterwards.  Walking was mostly on country lanes or gravel tracks with only a bit along any highways.  It was a long day, at 26km more than we prefer, but the terrain was pretty gentle.  We arrived in Ribadesella around 4pm.  We immediately located a Sidrerria so treated ourselves to a bottle (2.4 euros!) and then searched for a room - we were only able to find a room, at least one conviently located, in a "nice hotel" so we treated ourselves to a room in Hotel Marina and took turns soaking in the nice large tub.  Now we are back at the La Guia Sidreria Restaurant, having waited until 8pm so the restaurant is open.  We ate anchovies with crushed tomatoes, chorizo cooked in cider and grilled fresh squid - accompanied by two more bottles of cider!

Village on an estuary - tide is low.

In the distance are snow covered Pico de Europa

Walking was pleasant!

At one point we walked through a field of grazing cattle

A glimpse of ocean

Many of the homes have lemon trees in the yard.  This one has a lemon tree in foreground and a heavily loaded orange tree in background.

A "medieval bridge"

Our room in Hotel Marina in Ribadesella

Chorizo cooked in cider

Grilled squid

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