Sunday, May 29, 2016

del Norte - Day 28 (30-May-2016): Cadavedo to Navia (23.8km)

We stopped for pastry and cafe and left town around 8:30am.  Today should be around 20km (turned out to be 23.8km - nearly 15 miles).  The camino has apparently been re-routed a bit so the expected stop at a bar for "second breakfast" did not appear so we walked onwards.  Most of the day was on one lane roads or farm tracks with a bit of somewhat muddy trails and only a little bit on highway.  We enjoyed the views of farms, fields and glimpses of the ocean on the horizon as we also passed through many small villages.  As we neared our destination of Navia, a strong shower blew over and we were glad that it ended after 15 minutes or so.  We stopped for a late lunch at a Sidreria in Navia.  Fried squid, brochettes of squid, shrimp and octopus.  The latter was quite interesting and delicious.  Of course, we had to have a bottle of sidra!  We found a room nearby at Pension Cantabrico and relaxed a bit after our showers.  Now we are (of course!) enjoying a glass of wine as we work on our journals.
Dinner was at Sidreria Antonin and quite nice.  A warm salad, plate of Chipirones Fritos and two bottles of Sidra.

View looking back into Luarca

We climbed up steep streets to exit the town

Ruins of tenth century church

Typical paths

Old church

We love the colors of the ocean - blue in contrast to the lush green of the fields and forest

We walked some today with a nice young woman from Slovakia

Flowers along road - storm clouds gathering

Interesting building - made from local stone

Little "granary" made from stone

The sign we've waited to long to see "Restaurante"!

Cindy walking across a field

View of freshly plowed fields, ocean in distance

We do love our Chipirones - asked for aoli to accompany these - and had two bottles of Sidra!

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