Monday, May 1, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 14: Casar de Caceres to Canaveral (34.4km on 5/02/17)

We made instant coffee in the albergue and had a muffin then hit the road by 6:30am.  Another great sunrise and the route out of town was easy to follow.  The first part was on a gravel road between stone walls and through a mix of pasture but mostly through scrub lands.  Eventually we left the gravel road and followed dirt tracks.  In many places there were lots of large exposed rocks.  We were roughly following a watershed towards a reservoir and when we reached that we descended on trails and followed a highway, crossing two different rivers that fed the lake.  A high speed rail line is under construction so the route has changed from previous years.  After the second bridge we left the road and climbed on a trail, reaching a plateau and followed that for another 10km - often of recognizable sections of the old Roman road.  By early afternoon the weather was quite warm and we were without much shade.  We crossed under the rail line that was under construction and welcomed sitting on a cool concrete slab in the shade.  We finally reached the village of Canaveral and checked into the Hostel Canaveral (we had made reservations yesterday so were assured of a room).  My blisters are still troubling me but not so much as I might have expected.  We definitely enjoyed our pint of “cerveza con limon” (beer and lemonade) at the bar after we arrived!   


Early morning light on path

Morning pathway

New railway bridge in background.  

Leaving the highway and climbing

A warm afternoon - just a bit of shade here

Probably pieces of Roman road visible

Pathway and village of Canavaral in the distance

We are 1.6km from our destination!

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