Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 16: Galisteo to Carcaboso (11.9km on 5/04/17)

I woke up at the usual time of 5am and then dozed off again, waking at 7:30!!  Really strange to sleep so late.  We left the hotel and walked back through town.  The first bar did not have any food so we continued through the village and found nothing else open so had some trail mix and water in the square.  We really should have stopped for coffee at the first bar!  Ah, well.  Out of town through a gate in the city wall, down and across a nice Roman bridge.  The entire day’s walk was on a narrow 2 lane asphalt road, fortunately not much traffic.  We have been amazed at the amount of water being used for irrigation in the local fields.  Things are pretty lush at this time of year.  Away from the stream things are a bit drier but this area seems to have nice farmlands.  Today’s walk was only 12km (~7 miles) and we arrive Carcaboso before noon.  The municipal Albergue Majalavaa is very nice, with ~14 beds and was recently remodeled.  We settled in, showered and left as many clothes as possible for laundry.  Exploring the village we found a few bars, a grocery store and a restaurant - lunch starting at 1:30pm.  We had a three course lunch, bought groceries for dinner and lunch tomorrow and had a nice nap.  We were woken by a small film crew who wanted to interview a few pilgrims.  We explored the village and found a church that had a facade supported by columns made of Roman milestones.  Nearby were several more milestones set up in a courtyard.  Quite interesting.  Dinner was bread, wine, cheese, tomatoes and an apple - a very nice change from some of our heavier meals.

Stork in nest atop Roman bridge just outside Galisteo

View back to Galisteo with Roman bridge on right

Entire 12km was walking along this road.  Not too much traffic but a bit hard on the feet.

Municipal Albergue Majalavara in Carcaboso

The hospitallero, Alicia, and the kitchen/dining area in the background

Our dormitory contains 7 bunkbeds

Roman milestones and stones in background from a Roman bridge

Closeup of a Roman Miliarios (Milestone)

The facade of the church supported by columns made by stacking Roman milestones.

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