Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 29: Granja de Moreruela to Tabara (25.8km on 5/17/17)

We got up earlier than usual (~5am), had a poor breakfast (bananas and yoghurt but no coffee) in albergue and were on the road at 6:40am.  Used our headlamps longer than usual due to the overcast but no problems since walking on fairly even gravel road.  After ~7km we crossed a bridge over a reservoir and then on a real trail (!!) along the reservoir for ~2 kilometers, climbing up and then back along gravel tracks.  The basic scenery has changed from the big fields of previous days -the morning’s track was through scrub forests with lots of white rock roses.  Gradually the track changed back to oak meadows and then fields of grain.  Still, the rolling hills are different than the flatter fields of the past few weeks.  It was windy and then began to rain as we entered the first village of the day after 18km.  We found a bar - the door was locked but a woman let us in and we waited a bit then were able to order cafe con leche and cheese omelet bocadillos and a second cafe con leche.  A very welcome “snack”!  After an hour enjoying being out of the rain we left and after another 7km entered the village of Tabara where we had made reservations at Casa Rural El Roble.  It was nice to have a private room with sheets, towels, etc.  We shared a triple room with Hans, a fellow pilgrim from the Netherlands.  Hans had lunch in the hostal’s restaurant and we had a beer with him then wandered across the square to a nice bar where we had hamburguesas and a bottle of red wine.  The bar had interesting pictures of the local city square complete with bullfights, etc.  

View of track and countryside - lots of "white rock roses" along the way.  

After ~6km we crossed bridge over a resorvoir

Definitely walking along a trail here as compared to a gravel/dirt road

Overlooking the resorvoir


Back on gravel track

Rain threatening.  Now back along fields of grain

After 19km stopped for bocadillo (cheese omelet in baguette) and cafe con leche in this village.   Definitely nice since we did not have any coffee available in the albergue  - plus it was raining so we enjoyed the indoors as the storm passed us by.

Tabara city square in the rain


Bar Palacio in the city square where we enjoyed hamburguesas and a bottle of red wine!

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