Friday, May 19, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 32: Rionegro del Puenta to Asturianos (27km on 5/20/17)

Up at 5:30am, breakfast in the albergue’s kitchen and on the road by 6:30am.  The morning was clear and cold (frost in places on the ground!) and I got a nice picture of the moon and venus over the village church.  The route was mostly on a dirt track parallel to the N-525 road.  After 9km or so we entered a village where we bought some groceries and had cafe con leche.  The route continued on near the road and then turned to cross the expressway.  We passed through several villages, had a snack near the city hall of one and then continued.  We passed through a few more towns, descended a bit to cross a stream and then climbed ~150m over the last 5km and entered the day’s destination in the village of Asturianos.  We checked into the small (6 bed) albergue that’s attached to a large sports building.  There is a bar at the sports center but no kitchen in the albergue. After 5:30pm we went back into the village where we had the pilgrim’s menu meal at Bar El Carmen.  The albergue was “full” when we returned but they do have a few mattresses to put on the floor to accommodate extra pilgrims.  

Pre sunrise view to the east from the porch of our albergue.  We could see the crescent moon and venus

Morning light and walking track.  We found frost in places!

Nice gravel track through shaded areas.

The rest of the way was mostly on a track like this or sometimes on dirt/grass.

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