Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 36:  A Gudina to Campobecerros (20.8km on 5/24/17)

We left the albergue just before 6am as we had been told that the “bar peregrino” was opening “about 6am”.  We waited around, were just leaving without breakfast, and someone drove up at 6:15.  It was nice to have cafe con leche and a chocolate croissant!  The weather was clear and temperature comfortable as we left.  Sunrise on the village and hills was quite nice.  At first we walked on a 2 lane road and then it narrowed to a concrete lane and most of the rest was on dirt/gravel tracks with a few returns to the paved road.  We climbed a fair bit but not too bad.  Temperatures were in the 80's and no shade as we finished even though it was before noon.   We descended into Campobecerros near the site of a AVE (high speed rail) project’s big tunnel.  The village is small with two bars, a municipal albergue and perhaps a casa rural.  We got beds in the albergue (18 person capacity with washing machine but no kitchen), showered, started a load of laundry and returned to our bar for a bocadillo and beer.  Not too much to do for the rest of the day other than relax.  Nice!

Sunrise looking back towards A Gudina

We walked on two lane road for an hour or so.  After that we were on one lane roads or gravel tracks

Morning view of the countryside.

Below is a reservoir.  

Looking down onto Campobecerros.  The high speed rail project is building a tunnel there.

Our Albergue in Campobecerros.  The artwork is of a Carnival celebrant in costume

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