Thursday, May 25, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 38: Albergueria to Xunqueira de Ambia (22.6km on 5/26/17)

We left our albergue before 6:30am and walked only a short distance before it began to rain - with thunder and lightning in the distance.  After a short climb we passed over the top of the ridge and began a long descent of 300m over about 5km.  The rain strengthened and we even had a lightning strike nearby.  Fortunately after 7km, the first village, Vilar de Barrio had a nice bar so we took refuge and spent an hour or so enjoying the shelter and cafe con leche.  We left in a break in the weather but only got a ways before the skies opened up - heavy rain and hail with an inch of water running down the street - we stood under the roofline of a house so were not drenched.  We are now in a broad river valley with nice farmland.  The path continued across the valley with only a bit of rain.  After another 9km we took another break for coffee then contiinued on to our destination of Xunqueira de Ambia where we checked into a small albergue - Casa Tomas - where we have a nice double room with bath.  It’s been awhile since we had our own bath, sheets and towels!  Lunch was a menu del dia at a nearby bar and we relaxed the rest of the day and only had a glass of wine and snack for dinner.

Perhaps 15 minutes after leaving the albergue it began to rain

We climbed a bit then began a long descent just past this cross

Typical path for the first 7km

As we neared the first village the rain increased

Waiting out a thunderstorm in Vilar de Barrio.  Thank goodness a nice bar was open.

Outside of our bar - refuge from the storm

In between rain showers - view of farmland and the clouds

Waiting out heavy rains and hail.  An inch of water was running down the street

A long straight stretch in between rain showers

Walking through the fog as we crossed a ridge

Structures are for the storage of grain and corn.  One sees these all over Galicia

Narrow alley in Xunqueira de Ambia

Albergue Casa Tomas in Xunqueira de Ambia

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