Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 44:  Ponte Ulla to Santiago de Compostela (22km on 6/01/17)

We left Ponte Ulla at 6:15am and immediately began climbing out of the river valley - perhaps 1000’ over the first 3 miles.  We were mostly on one lane tracks for the morning with a few small stretches along the two lane highway.  Lots of rolling hills but no more big climbs.  We had a nice omelette and cafe con leche at the half way point and continued on to enter Santiago de Compostela and the cathedral’s square after 22km.  The way into the city was mostly on quiet streets so quite nice compared to other routes.  The scene lin front of the cathedral was fun, with all the pilgrims arriving, getting their pictures taken, etc.  Of course almost all of those were arriving from the Camino Frances route rather from the via de la Plata.  We did not see anyone that we had walked with today.  Afterwards, we went back a bit and checked into Pension Hedrass.  After cleaning up we had lunch at Bar La Titas then out to the bus station to purchase tickets to Porto for the day after tomorrow.  In the evening we went out for a drink and snack and then had a nice dinner - pimientos del padron, chipirones a la plancha and a nice bottle of mencia wine from Ribeira Sacra.

Statistics:  Over 1000km or 620 miles in 43 days and with one rest day in Salamanca.  Averaging nearly 24km or 15 miles per day.

Ready to go on our last day of walking!

Morning mists

Fellow pilgrims walking just outide the city

First view of the cathedral in the distance

Glenn and I after 44 days on the camino!  What a nice walking partner and he always "had my back"!

with my backpack in the square

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