Sunday, May 14, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 27: Zamora to Montamarta (19.8km on 5/15/17)

We left the albergue before 6:30am.  It was a bit warmer in the early morning and we walked in shirtsleeves from the beginning.  The first stretch was walking on city streets and then after ~3km we were walking again in the countryside. The basic walking conditions and scenery was similar to almost every recent day.  After ~8km we stopped for cafe con leche in Roales del Pan and then continued on to our destination of Montamarta arriving around 11am.  The albergue is several hundred meters before the village proper and along the N-630 highway.  It’s a quiet place and about half full - it has a laundry room, dining area and a small kitchen and the rate is only 5 euros.  We walked into the village for lunch and grocery shopping for dinner and breakfast.  Dinner will be a green salad with tomatoes, tuna and garbanzos, accompanied by a (hopefully) nice bottle of red wine from the grocery store.  Some sort of festival in the village today with most locals dressed up, play areas for children, lunch for the villagers in a pavilion, etc.  

I only took one picture along today's walk.  Things are pretty similar to previous days - weather was a bit overcast and warmer than yesterday.  Tomorrow is supposed to be another 5-10 degrees warmer.

In lieu of walking route pictures here's a "tour of the albergue".  This is a municipal albergue so managed by the local village.  Nightly cost is only 5 euros (~$5) per person.

A simple one story building - we select a bunk and will pay when the local manager stops by at 5pm.

Benches in the front and clotheslines for drying our laundry.  Inside there's a sink for washing clothes plus a washing machine that we did not use.

Ten bunk beds in one room.  Today there are only 9 pilgrims so everyone gets a bottom bunk!  There are separate bathrooms for men and women with one toilet and one shower in each.  

Large dining area with two tables and a dozen chairs.

Kitched with refrigerator, stove and microwave.  Not much by way of dishes or pots and pans but enough.  Salt, olive oil and vinegar are available.  we bought a head of lettuce, jar of garbanzos, can of tuna and a tomatoe -- plus a nice bottle of local red wine.  This dinner will be a nice change from typical pilgrim food.

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