Saturday, May 6, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 19: Banos de Montemayor to Valverde de Valdelcasa (22km on 5/07/17)

We had breakfast provided by the Albergue (left on trays in the kitchen area) and left by ~7am.  Within 500m we began walking along the route of the Roman road, climbing up and over the ridge into the next valley.  After a short section on the highway we continued along a forested track and the Roman road.  We crossed a Roman bridge and continued, often passing the Roman milestones.  After ~12km we entered a village but the bar was closed, it being Sunday morning, so we had water, chocolate and trail mix while sitting in the shade.  The track continued along the Roman road’s route and after another 10km we entered our destination, the small quiet village of Valverde de Valdelcasa.  There are supposedly two albergues and we chose the municipal - as is common the place was locked and a local person directed us to the village’s only bar where we got the key.  There, we had a very nice omelette bocadillo and cerveza con limon for lunch.  Over to the albergue and we were the only two there for the night.  As we were leaving to walk around the hospitallero showed up and helped us start a load of laundry.  After wandering the village we returned to the bar for dinner - bottle of tinto and another bocadillo.  The bar was fun.  The covered patio was full of local people, there was a playground for children and old men were playing cards in the bar.  A few babies were passed around by the local ladies to be admired.

Pre-sunrise look back to the town where we stayed last night.

First part was on Roman road but we did have a short section on the highway.

Much of the morning was spent on forest lined path following the Roman road. 
View of snow on not-to-far-away mountain ridge

Walking on Roman road between stone walls with fields on either side.  Fortunately still ~noon and not too warm.

Municipal Albergue - Albergue Santiago Apostol in Valverde de Valdelcasa.  In a small village there's often no staff and albergues are locked.  We were directed to a bar where the owner gave us the key to the albergue and took our money.  We were the only two people staying there.

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