Saturday, May 13, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 26: Villanueva de Campean to Zamora (18.8km on 5/14/17)

We had coffee and cookies in the albergue’s little kitchen and were on the trail by 6:30am.  Weather was clear and comfortable for walking.  As yesterday, we walked on a gravel/dirt track between cultivated and grain fields.  There were no villages to stop for refreshment so we had a bit of trail mix and chocolate and continued to our destination of Zamora, crossing the river Duoro into the city over a medieval bridge nearly 300m in length.  We arrived ~10:30am and found that the municipal albergue did not open until 2pm.  So, we wandered the old city, admiring the many squares and had coffee and pastry at a nice  bakery cafe.  We watched a procession of mostly young girls in white dresses and a few boys - probably after their first communion.  After visiting the Zamora city museum we returned to the albergue and waited in a queue for the doors to open.  The two hospitalleros are native english speakers (Australia and USA) so that was a pleasant change.  Lynn, who we thought had been left behind due to a sore knee, caught up with us and is in the same room.  After a shower, we went out for groceries and lunch.  I had wanted to go to “”Bar Abuela I” but it was closing as we arrived at 3pm.  Instead, we went to a small bar across the street and had hamburguesas and several glasses of local red wine.  Our favorite was the “24 Mozas”.  The house red wine was only 1 euro per glass but we splurged on 1.5 and 2.2 euro glasses.   Sure wish we could find these wines in the USA.  

As we left our village before sunrise


View down our trail at sunrise

A different type of "trail marker" in the province of Zamora

Typical walking scene for the day

Poppies in the field next to our route

Medieval bridge over River Douro into Zamora.  River Douro leaves Spain into Portugal, going through the "Port" region of Portugal and the city of Porto

Procession of children led by a priest - probably after first communion

Interesting street in Zamora

Palace of Justice - 16th century building

Hamburgerguesa Iberica (hamburger with iberica jamon slices) and "24 Mozas" local red wine

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