Monday, May 8, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 21: Fuenterroble de Salvatierra to San Pedro de Rozados (28.1km on 5/09/17)

We’ve been looking at today’s hike as being long, hot, rugged, reaching the highest elevation so far on our camino and with my sore feet and Glenn’s swollen ankles.  Fortunately none of that was as bad as anticipated!  We left the albergue by ~6:30am and enjoyed yet another glorious morning walking while watching the sunrise.  The first part of the day was on a fairly smooth gravel road and then we walked either on the Roman road or on a track alongside.  After ~12km we began the “big climb” but it was more of a steady climb and the rocky trail mentioned in the guides did not materialize.  We climbed steadily, reaching the Pico de la Duena - a ridgeline (lined with wind turbines) rather than a peak.  At nearly 1200m it is the highest elevation we’ve seen so far on our camino.  The descent was not too steep or slippery and we walked on a paved road for awhile but mostly on a track or trail alongside.  We made very good time, putting in 21km before noon and finishing at 28km by 2pm.  The last 10km was through farmland and with a few nice ranches.  San Pedro de Rozados is a small village with two albergues and a nice “Casa Rural”.  The first albergue we tried was fully booked so we got a nice room at the “Casa Rural VII Carreras”.  It’s a nice small hotel and we had a beer in the courtyard, parked our bags in the room and then had a nice three course lunch with bottle of red wine.  Cleaning up and wandering the village took the rest of the afternoon - this is a great time of day.  Now enjoying the hotel's courtyard and the early evening.    


Another sunrise picture

Early morning - stone fences, fields and gravel road

Yet another sunrise shot - so beautiful and it's hard to see which picture is best on my small screen

Roman milepost along our route.  Most of the day is either beside or on top of the Roman road

Vegetation changing a bit

Leaving the mostly flat route and beginning our climb

Ascended to a ridgeline of wind turbines - and Pico de la Duena

Pico de la Duena - not really much of a "peak" but is at the top of a ridegeline.

View from Pico de la Duena looking towards our destination and beyond that would be Salamanca

Looking back at the Pico de la Duena 

View of ranch lands

Pigs enjoying the sunny day

Approaching our destination - San Pedro de Rozados

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