Saturday, May 27, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 40:  Ourense to Cea (22.5km on 5/28/17)

We had a nice breakfast in our apartment - yoghurt, melon, pastry and brewed coffee, a very nice change from instant!  We left ~6:15am and crossed the Roman bridge across the Minho river.  It’s a long and very highly arched bridge but we could not get any good photos in the dark (sunrise is around 7am).  The pathway climbed steeply for 5 or 6 kilometers and then proceeded through mostly forested areas, mostly on lanes with some wide trails.  The weather was cool and with only an hour or so of intermittent light rain.  We passed through 5 or 6 villages and the stone buildings were interesting.  We took a break in a quiet square and had a snack.  Then we continued on reaching Cea shortly after noon and 22.5km.  The albergue is in a very old stone building but quite modern inside.  The village is not very big but has an old, almost museum like section as well as a more modern section.  Some of the old stone buildings are in disrepair with fallen roofs but others are still in use.  We had a menu del dia lunch near the main city square - in a pulperia (octopus restaurant).  I had Galician peasant soup (Caldo Gallego) and pulpo Gallego (octopus Galician style) and a nice bottle of Galician white wine.  After a well deserved nap we visited with camino friends in the albergue and wandered around the village a bit more.  

Leaving town in the dark via the Roman bridge across the Minho river.  Too bad we could not get a photo!  It is a long and very highly arched bridge.

Looking back towards Ourense

An old church in a village

Vineyard, hills and fogs.  By now we had climbed a thousand feet or more above the Minho river valley.  

Mid morning snack was in a nice little square in a village

A well, stone watering trough, etc. outside of a nice stone house.

Manikins and what looks like a homemade mini-golf course in someone's front yard - strange!

Morning pathway through the fields

First course of lunch was a peasant soup called "Caldo Gallego"

Main course was Pulpo Gallego (octopus Galician style) and a nice local white wine

The main city square in the village of Cea

Stone buildings in Cea

Narrow alley in Cea

We are staying in the provincial (aka Xunta) albergue in Cea. Inside is very modern but the stone exterior is very old.

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