Sunday, May 28, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 41:  Cea to Oseira to Castro Dozon (22km on 5/29/17)

We left the albergue before 6:30am and enjoyed the pre-sunrise view of the clock/belltower in the main village square.  Today we are doing a “detour” off of the main camino route to visit the historic monastery of Oseira.  We walked on narrow roads or dirt/gravel tracks through the forests for ~10km to Osteira.  The old monastery is huge!  Unfortunately, it was closed when we arrived and we could only peek inside the albergue.  Even worse, neither of the town’s bars was open so we did not get second breakfast either.  In any event, the monastery was large and impressive.  We left Oseira and climbed steeply for ~300m elevation gain - mostly on narrow stone lined tracks.  After that we were on rolling hills on a combination of paths and tracks.  Unexpectedly, we found a bar in a small village so enjoyed an omelet and cafe con leche.  After 22km we reached the village of Dozon and checked into the municipal albergue.  It’s quite nice and with kitchen downstairs.  After showers and laundry we walked back to the village for a menu del dia at the cafe and shopped at the attached mini-market.  Dinner was soup back in the albergue.  We called ahead and made reservations for the last two nights on the camino (Silleda and Ponte Ulla) as well as for two nights in Santiago.  Only three days walking remain.  Tomorrow will be our last long day and nearly 30km to Silleda.

Pre-sunrise view of Clock/bell tower in central square of Cea village

Walking on dirt/stone track in early morning

Galician countryside

Historic Oseira monastery

Albergue inside the monastery - everyone has already left.

After we left the monastery we climbed steeply

And climbed and climbed

More walking through the forests.

Municipal Albergue in Dozon - ~$7 per person.  It was less than half full so we all got bottom bunks

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