Friday, May 26, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 39:  Xunqueira de Ambia to Ourense (24km on 5/27/17)

We had breakfast in the albergue and were on the trail before 6:30.  The first ~5km was mostly on small tracks or trails.  After that we walked almost entirely on the small provincial road.  After an initial small climb the rest of the day's hike was generally downhill. The view is much more like we expect of Galicia (hills, fog, very green) than we had been seeing at higher elevations.  Although our books said the first bar would be after ~12km we found bars in many of the small villages.  We had cafe con leche in one and then continued, having cafe and a large wedge of tortilla after ~12km.  We continued and entered the suburbs of Ourense, walking on some paths but mostly on roads.  We checked in to Casa Habana ~5 minute walk from the cathedral on the third floor of Avenida Habana 43.  It’s a 2 bedroom apartment with two twin beds in each room.  The only occupants are Hans, Glenn and me.  We did laundry, showered and then had a light lunch and then toured the 12th//13th century cathedral after it opened at 4pm.  Then we returned to the apartment after picking up groceries at the nearby market.  Dinner was a mixed salad, chorizo, cheese and a nice bottle of Rioja.

Early morning view - fog in the distance

Sunrise view - countryside and fog in the distance

Pathway in the morning

Second breakfast - a huge chunk of tortiall espanja and cafe con leche - ~$3.50

Pedrestrian street in Ourense

Doorway to the 12/13th century cathedral in Ourense

Statue in one of the cathedral's chapels

Alterpiece in one of the cathedral's chapels

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