Friday, May 5, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 18: Hostal Asturias to Banos de Montemayor (24.9km on 5/06/17)

Breakfast in Hostal was at 7am so we slept later than usual and had coffee in bar then hit the road.  The Via de la Plata was 2.5km and then we followed the trail for a bit then for pretty much the rest of the day we walked on the N-630 highway - not much fun and hard on the feet.  We did enjoy the morning mist and cool temperatures.  Last night there was a large thunderstorm and we hope that’s the last rain for awhile.  We stopped in Aldeanueva del Camino for churros and coffee and to get some groceries.  Found insoles to supplement my shoes as the shoes seem pretty “thin” when walking on these hard surfaces.  The 10km to our destination of Banos de Montemayor went slowly on the pavement of the highway and I arrived with a very tender left foot - I had thought my foot problems were behind me.  We checked into the very nice, modern Albergue Touristico Via de la Plata and the only other guest was Michel, a frenchman that we’ve seen quite a few times.  Considering that other days we’ve encountered full albergues, this was a pleasant surprise.  We had lunch/dinner back in the town and relaxed for the rest of the day.  The village has thermal baths and use dates back to Roman times.

View of Hostal Asturias as we left in the morning.

Cranes in a field in the morning

~90% of the walking was on paved highway we did have a quiet shady section as we neared our destination

The back yard and garden of Albergue Touristico Via de la Plata.  Although it's in the village this view seems very country-like.

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