Sunday, May 21, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 34: Requejo de Sanabria to Lubian (17.2km on 5/22/17)

We were up at 5:30, had banana and yoghurt in the albergue then cafe con leche in the bar next door after it opened at 6am and were walking before 6:30.  We walked on a small road for a kilometer or so and were redirected to the N-525 highway.  There is a high speed railway construction project that uses the small road we would have normally taken.  After 5km or se we left the highway and followed a gravel track (probably the old highway) up and over the pass.  Today’s climb was ~450m reaching an altitude of ~1370m (~4000’) - the highest elevation on Via de la Plata.  The climb and descent was reasonably gradual and not too difficult.  Just across the pass we stopped for cafe con leche in a village and continued our descent.  Again, we were directed away from the usual route due to construction projects.  The route was very pleasant and not too steep.  Our albergue was on the outskirts of Lubian and small (only 8 bunks) and nice.  At 3 euros it was the cheapest of our camino.  We shopped for groceries for a simple dinner and had a menu del dia lunch in a nice bar.  I had seen “secreto de cerdo” (translates as “secret of the pig”) on other menus but was reluctant to order that in Spain!  However a bit of internet searching reassured me that it was a cut of meat from the pork shoulder.  It was tasty.  The three course menu del dia was 9 euros.  We relaxed for the afternoon then had wine (a Rioja reserva), cheese and cured pork loin for dinner in our albergue.   Unlike previous days, the albergue was “completo” - fully occupied.

In the pre-sunrise - standing by sculpture of a pair of shoes.

Walking along the N-525 before sunrise

The usual route was closed due to a railroad construction project so we were directed to walk on the N-525 road

Shadows of pilgrims

Fountain near our destination.  Note the scallop shell.

Fountain in Lubian, Spain.  Apparently the name, "Lubian" is derived from "wolf".

Glenn in front of interesting building in Lubian

Secreto de Cerdo (Secret of Pork) my main course at lunch today.  One needs to be careful (or brave) when ordering "secret of the pig" in Spain!  Three course lunch including wine was 9 euros.

Old building in our village

Outside view of our Albergue - Municipal Albergue de Peregrinos in Lubian.  A bed cost 3 euros (~$3)!

Kitchen area and two bunk beds on ground floor

Upstairs are 6 bunk beds - total of 8 bunk beds in the albergue - 16 people

View from our albergue looking back towards the pass that we crossed this morning

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