Friday, May 12, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 25: Urbanization El Chinarral to Villanueva de Campean (27.3km on 5/13/17)

We “slept in” until 6:15am so as to have breakfast in the albergue at 6:45am.  We were expecting to encounter some remnants of yesterday’s storms but they seem to have passed by.  We left the albergue just before sunrise and were pleased that the dirt/gravel tracks had dried out surprisingly well from yesterday’s deluge.  The terrain and fields of wheat and other crops was similar to yesterday.  After ~14km we entered El Cubo de tierra del Vino (roughly translates to “Wine Cube”!) and had second breakfast at a bar - with Lynn and Sabina.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Lynn - we met her at the end of our third day of walking when we were drinking beer in the square and our table’s umbrella blew over, striking her in the head.  Sabina is from Munich and started walking yesterday in Salamanca.  She did the first half of the del Plata last year and will finish it this year.  As we began the afternoon’s walk it was cooler and windy and we worried that the rain would resume but that did not happen and we finished our day walking in cool and breezy conditions.  The fields of wheat and corn were irrigated and closer to our destination of Villanueva de Campean we were in rolling hills with vineyards.  The small village has a population of less than 200.  There are two albergues and a single bar and we stayed at the municipal albergue - 10 beds (5 bunks) and cost was only 5 euros!  After showering and doing a bit of laundry we had some wine in the bar and a snack back in the albergue.  Dinner at 7:30pm in the bar.

Leaving our albergue just at sunrise - with Sabina from Munich

View of El Cubo de tierra del Vino (roughly translates to “Wine Cube”!) where we had second breakfast at a bar with Lynn and Sabina.

For several kilometers we walked with fields on our left and unused railroad tracks on our right

Wheat fields gave way to mix of vineyards and wheat.

Standing in the rather short doorway of our Albergue.  Inside is fairly modern but the facade is pretty old.

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